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9th International CREANDO Symposium on Creativity in Economics, Arts and Science
Zermatt/Valais, Switzerland, 1995

Intuition and Creativity

Chairman: Gottlieb GUNTERN


Nobel Prize for Literature in 1987, professor of literature,

film director and author,
Vienna, Austria

visual artist, Oscar winning costume designer, Eiko Ishioka Inc.,

theoretical physicist, professor of physics,
University of Chicago, USA.

Kazuhiko NISHI
president of ASCII Corporation, researcher at the Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan, Tokyo, Japan

Irish writer, London, UK

Nobel Prize for Literature 1986, literary critic, novelist, playwright, professor of literature, Nigeria

Interesting questions:

Edna 0'BRIEN: What motivated the Irish writer coming from a rural-catholic background to choose her current professional activity? Which are the triggers and inspirations for her stories?

Joseph BRODSKY: Why does the great Russian poet and Nobel laureate recommend to learn by heart a few verses that might come in handy for the vicissitudes of daily life?
A few months before his death he demanded that a certain quote should be engraved on his tomb stone. Which text did he have in mind?

Werner HERZOG: What are, according to filmmaker Herzog, the similarities between a filmmaker and a great soccer player? Why should we sometimes accept the Benedictine principle of melior pars in voting?

Eiko ISHIOKA: For what purpose does the Japanese designer need a third pair of eyes? What motivates her to strive for ever new creative accomplishments?

Leo P. KADANOFF: How does the American physicist describe the very moment of his great inspiration? What does he suggest to people who want to emulate his accomplishments?

Kazuhiko Nishi: Why does the Japanese software entrepreneur indulge more often in a bath-bed-and-breakfast relaxation than he used to do? What does he predict with respect to an electronic future?

Wole SOYINKA: What did the Nigerian writer and Nobel laureate see in a mirror when he was about to be released from prison? How did he cope with the terrible anxieties during the many months of his solitary confinement?


Invited to Zermatt by the Swiss creativity researcher Gottlieb GUNTERN seven famous personalities from various continents discuss the topic of intuition and its impact on creative performance. They describe the impact of experiences made in extreme existential situations and of other key experiences as well as of experiences made in normal everyday settings. They offer insights into their personal development and their professional practice. Thus the many different aspects of intuition are woven into a tapestry permitting the reader to get a better understanding of the enigma of human creativity.

Downloads in German
• Die Intuition wird wieder respektiert
• Was ist Intuition?
• Wie funktioniert die Intuition?
• Was fördert die Intuition, was hemmt sie?


Gottlieb GUNTERN

Scalo Verlag, Zürich,
ISBN: 3-931141-35-7
16 x 23,5 cm
363 pages