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This book is an in-depth study of the creative process and how it has shaped civilizations, dramatically changing the course of history over centuries and across continents.

The book - which is as entertaining as it is informative - provides the knowledge able to spark off solutions to problems in individuals, teams, organizations, nations and cultures.
It offers a wealth of concrete examples to inspire and motivate the reader to seek, findand develop his/her own creative pathway towards desired goals.


Gottlieb GUNTERN, Switzerland


Psychiatrist &  systems scientist
Founder of Systems Therapy in 1978
President of CREANDO and of the CREANDO Board of Trustees


Ashok KURIEN, India


Creative entrepreneur
In a structured interview conducted by Gottlieb GUNTERN
he tells his success story in a candid way, with warts and all.
Each chapter of the book contains the part of his story that
underscores and illustrates GUNTERN'S subsequent text. 


• Endorsements by Ferran ADRIA, Günter BLOBEL, Mario BOTTA

• Main theses of the book
• Table of contents
• Phase of Inspiration
• Interview with Ashok Kurien

• Wie man die Nase vorn hat bei den Besten
• Book Review The Spirit of Creativity


Basic Mechanisms of Creative Achievements
Gottlieb GUNTERN

UPA, University Press of America
ISBN: 978-0-7618-5051-9
15,5 x 23,5 cm
486 pages


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