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a baroque character from Lismerwil and the unwed mother of seven children, arouses passion. One day she has an extraordinary idea and takes it to the Spinnerbalz, who makes a revolutionary discovery out of it. The ensuing butterfly effect swells into a hurricane that sets the whole social structure in turmoil.

All in all a turbulent portrayal of the proprieties encompassing the force and joie-de-vivre of a Breughel, a tableau offering incomparable reading enjoyment – and not in the least because it describes what happens when a creative idea collides head-on with the petrified Helvetian society.

A satire combining eroticism, humour, hilarity and piquant irony.
A novel of contemporary literature in a class of its own.

• Himber Hulda: Comprehensive description

• Aargauer Zeitung: Der Schriftsteller, der aus der Forschung kam



Gottlieb GUNTERN

Rotten Verlag, 2002
12,5 x 19 cm
343 pages

out of print