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Midnight. In the cemetery, his carabine aiming at the graveyards, Salpeter-Schangji challenges the dead to a duel. On the parish grounds Rumba, the black Queen of Combat, levitates a few feet above the ground. Three meters above her, floats Moji, sitting in the lotus position. High above Moji’s blond mop, swifts circle and listen to the song of the prisoner in the Moorish desert. In a trance Rumba hears the song of her chromosomes. They celebrate the mythological-magical-historical interlink of the Mediterranean area with the sun mountain and describe the events of a summer in the Alps as a round dance staged since time immemorial and in which a person’s destiny is but a fleeting occurrence.

In a fascinating way this novel brings together the art of inventing stories, exact observation of people, heathen love of life, Christian hypocrisy, malice, humour, absurd everyday scenes, a fatal fall into the eye of a Mountain Apollo, wisdom and poetry.

• Textprobe: Sidonie will den Keimling loswerden

• Lesung durch Dani MANGISCH
• Gottlieb GUNTERN: Walliser Geschichte / Identität (im Oberwalliser Dialekt)
• Gottlieb GUNTERN: Schnurrgeige / Walliser Balladen 1 (im Oberwalliser Dialekt)


Gottlieb GUNTERN
novum, 2009

ISBN: 9-783850-228237
13,5 x 21,5 cm
290 pages

Out of print