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This book is an in-depth study of the creative process and how it has shaped civilizations, dramatically changing the course of history over centuries and across continents.

The book - which is as entertaining as it is informative - provides the knowledge able to spark off solutions to problems in individuals, teams, organizations, nations and cultures.
It offers a wealth of concrete examples to inspire and motivate the reader to seek, findand develop his/her own creative pathway towards desired goals.


Gottlieb GUNTERN, Switzerland


Psychiatrist &  systems scientist
Founder of Systems Therapy in 1978
President of CREANDO and of the CREANDO Board of Trustees


Ashok KURIEN, India


Creative entrepreneur
In a structured interview conducted by Gottlieb GUNTERN
he tells his success story in a candid way, with warts and all.
Each chapter of the book contains the part of his story that
underscores and illustrates GUNTERN'S subsequent text. 


• Endorsements by Ferran ADRIA, Günter BLOBEL, Mario BOTTA

• Main theses of the book
• Table of contents
• Phase of Inspiration
• Interview with Ashok Kurien

• Wie man die Nase vorn hat bei den Besten
• Book Review The Spirit of Creativity


Basic Mechanisms of Creative Achievements

Gottlieb GUNTERN

Publication in India
Roli Books, New Delhi
also at Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur and Mumbai
The Lotus Collection

ISBN: 978-81-7436-813-3

15,5 x 23,5 cm

486 papes