CREANDO = creating; to be in the process of creating


CREANDO is a non-profit organization, founded in 1979 by Gottlieb GUNTERN and his wife, visual artist Greta GUNTERN-GALLATI.

The Foundation is directed by Dr. Gottlieb GUNTERN and based in Brig/Valais, Switzerland.
Originally the Foundation existed under the name of ISO Institute for the Study of Human Systems Organizations

At the beginning of the 1990s it was renamed:
CREANDO - International Foundation for Creativity & Leadership

Reason for the change: 
ISO-International Organization for Stadardization in Geneva made us aware of their label ISO which lead to frequent mixing up of the two organizations.



To leave a scratch on the wall of oblivion.

To enhance creativity in all of its forms and manifestations and to engage in a worldwide dialogue and exchange of ideas.

Our research on the nature of creativity is based on systems science allowing to reach a deeper insight

• into the nature of human beings and their relationships with
  their eco-system
• into the nature and basic mechanisms of creativity & leadership

The results of creativity research (concepts, methods, strategies, techniques, etc.) and research on the topic of leadership are to be made available to whoever is interested in this topic. This is achieved by means of publications (articles, topic books, novels), lectures, workshops, post-graduate teaching programs, music and visual art.

At the International CREANDO Symposia – the first one in 1981 and  the last one in 2006 – all speakers were creative leaders of international renown, amongst them many Nobel Prize Laureates in the fields of Science, Literature and Economics. They shared with a distinguished audience their visions and personal experiences with creativity.



1990 - today

• scientific research on creativity & leadership

• publication of topic books and novels by GG

• production of music CDs, composition and lyrics by GG

• production of art works by Greta GUNTERN-GALLATI: drawings,
  paintings, collages, photos  Link

• organization of twenty International Symposia on Creativity &
  Leadership in Economy, Arts and Science, the last edition
  in 2007

• special advisor activities for top management
  and teams of multinational corporations interested
  in fostering creative leadership in their enterprises.

• At present, CREANDO is involved in several new projects.
  The results will be announced in due time.


• research on systems science and systems therapy

• post-graduate teaching programs on systems science and systems
  therapy, in German and French, for physicians, psychiatrists,
  psychologists and social workers from various European countries

• publication of scientific books and articles on systems science and
  systems therapy

• organization of international symposia on systems
  science and systems therapy





Dr. med. Gottlieb GUNTERN
President of the Board of Trustees

Member of the Board of Trustees
  Dr. Franz MATTIG
Member of the Board of Trustees