10th International CREANDO Symposium, Creativity in Economics, Arts and Science, Zermatt/Valais, Switzerland, 1996

Motivation and Creativity

Chairman: Gottlieb Guntern


master perfumer, vice-president IFF, International Flavors and Fragrances, New York, Belorussia/USA

Eberhard  von  KOERBER
member of the ABB Holding Board of Directors,President ABB Europe, Zurich and Brussels, Germany

P. Scott  MAKELA
graphic design / visual communicationwords + pictures for business + culture, Minneapolis / USA

Philipp  PETIT
high-wire artist,artist-in-residence at the Cathedral St. John the Divine, New York, France/USA

Mario Vargas  LLOSA
writer, novelist,Nobel Prize in Literature 2010, Peru

nuclear physicist, leading scientist, CERN, Geneva, founder of the World Laboratory, Geneva, founder of the Ettore Majorana Centre, Erice/Sicily, Italy

Summary and definition of basic terms

Motivation is a specific organismic state of an individual or a team  meeting three criteria of differentiation
• They have defined a specific goal.
• They attribute value to that goal
• They do what they can do in order
  to reach that goal

Creativity is the ability to generate new forms (ideas, concepts, theories, strategies, methods, techniques, industrial products, services, works of art, etc.) that meet four criteria of differentiation. The new form
• is new and unique — not the reproduction of
  something that has already existed before
• is beautiful — it pleases the senses and
  stimulates the mind, that is, it displays
  beauty and power of expression
• functions properly — serves the purpose(s)
  for which it has been generated
• generates values for society — and not only
  profits for those with vested interests

• Introduction to Eberhard  von  KOERBER
• Introduction to P. Scott  MAKELA
• Introduction to Philipp  PETIT
• Introduction to Mario Vargas  LLOSA
• Introduction to Antonino ZICHICHI