17th International CREANDO Symposium, Creativity in Science, Arts and Science, Interlaken/Berne, Switzerland, 2003

Success and failure in creative leadership

Chairman: Gottlieb GUNTERN


fine-arts photographer, filmmaker, educator, author, Ordre du Mérite 1980 Légion d’Honneur 2003, Arles, France

neuroscientist, Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine 2000, Head of the Laboratory of Molecularand Cellular Neuroscience, Rockefeller University, New York, USA

inventor, entrepreneur, visionary with a social conscience, India and USA

A. Michael SPENCE
economist, Nobel Prize in Economics 2001, California, USA

Evelyn GLENNIE (accompanied by Philip SMITH)
solo percussionist, composer, America’s Instrumentalistof the Year 2003, UK


Almost 2000 years ago the Roman philosopher Epictetus held that human beings don't suffer so much from reality but rather from the ideas they construct with respect to reality.

Time and again creative individuals experience that success is fleeting but they also discover that there are chances hidden in a failure. The latter fact has found a lovely formulation in the song-line "up from the ashes, grow the roses of success!"

Success can make us strong, it can also make us weak whenever we fall prey to complacency. Failure motivates strong individuals to strive for great success, it bends the will of some individuals or it may even break them.

• General Introduction Gottlieb GUNTERN
• Introduction to Lucien CLERGUE, France
• Introduction to Paul GREENGARD
• Introduction to Sam PITRODA
• Introduction to A. Michael SPENCE
• Introduction to Evelyn GLENNIE & Philip SMITH