20th International CEANDO Symposium, Creativity in Economics, Arts and Science, Pfäffikon / Schwyz, Switzeland, 2007

Silk Road – a Vigorous Revival

Chairman: Gottlieb Guntern


filmmaker, selected by Time Magazine as one of the World's Top 100 Young leaders, member of the jury of the Locarno Film Festivalin 2000, won several prestigious awards, amongst them the Venice's Silver Lion for his film Seventeen Years in 1999, China

expert for Indian jewelry and textiles, expert on the tradition of Mughal Jewelry, lecturer in philosophy, author, Indien

China, composer and on the world's most famous pipa soloists, Japanese composer Minori Miki said in 2000, "I always said that Jing YANG is a genius — but now I have to add: she is a miracle!" Her work Dance along the Silk Road won the most prestigious Chinese awards for composition and virtuosity, China


For thousands of years, the Silk Road was the umbilical cord connecting East and West. During its halcyon days (Tang Dynasty 7th-9th century A.D.) the Silk Road connected Kyoto, Japan, with the whole of China, Central Asia, Middle East and the Northern African rim ending in Cordoba, Andalusia, and Rome.
In the old days, camel trains loaded with precious goods trotted to the sound of jingling silver bells across sand-blown dunes, over wind-swept mountain passes and through green river valleys. Yet, the people leading these camel trains were not only traders but also messengers turning the Silk Road into a unique data highway connecting the East and the West.

Today, the means of transporting goods and information have dramatically changed. In our electronic era global trade and the inter-cultural exchange of ideas and know-how have given birth to a new kind of Silk Road. In this new context, creative leadership plays a vital role. It is a precious resource for developing the prosperity of nations and people.
The International CREANDO Symposium on Creativity in Economics, Arts and Science 2007 proudly presents three personalities illustrating the fact that we witness, today, a veritable renaissance of the ancient Silk Road.

• General Introduction Gottlieb GUNTERN
• Introduction zu Yuan ZHANG, China
• Introduction zu Meera KUMAR, Indien
• Introduction zu Jing YANG, China, Switzerland