21st International CREANDO Symposium, Creativity in Economics, Arts and Science, Hotel Taj Mahal, Mumbai, Indien, 2009


Dear Friends,

The CREANDO Symposium 2009 was planned to be held at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai. This wonderful hotel and magical landmark has been heavily damaged by terrorists, who in the course of their savage assaults, murdered cold-bloodedly a great number of innocent people in cold blood.

Evolution is an incessant interplay of constructive and destructive forces. Life and death are inseparable complementary forces. While human creativity is the most precious expression of constructive forces, terror and wanton killing are the most terrible manifestations of destructive forces.

We express our deepest sympathy to India, to the people of Mumbai and especially to the families who are mourning their loved ones.In the name of the CREANDO Team,

Dr. Gottlieb Guntern Greta Guntern-Gallati


After almost three decades of organizing International CREANDO Symposia on Creativity in Economics, Arts and Science, the Mumbai terrorist attack - lasting from November 26 to 29 November 29, 2008, killing 164 people and wounding at least 308 - we decided to focus our energies on developing our own creativity in other projects. Greta Guntern-Gallati focused on her artwork, Gottlieb Guntern dedicated his time to finish his in-depth study THE SPIRIT OF CREATIVITY (published in 2010 by University Press America) - the result of twenty-five years intensive research on the structures and functions of the creative process, to write novels and to compose and produce music.

And thus the circle closed.

Originally we started out with our own creative aspirations and activities. Then we more or less interrupted these activities in order to dedicate our time and energy to the organization of CREANDO's international symposia. It took a terrorist attack to stop a series of International CREANDO Symposia on Creativity in Economics, Arts and Science we planned to organize in India and other Asian countries. Thus we entered yet another strange loop that will lead us once again into yet unknown territories.

Co-Organizer in India: TFCI