International CREANDO Symposia

Face to Face Dialogue with Great Creative Minds of Our Time

The symposia were aimed at individuals, institutions and companies motivated to develop a creative, meaningful and happy existence for themselves, their families, their teams and their countries.

At the International CREANDO Symposia – the first one in 1981 and the last one in 2006 – all speakers were creative leaders of international renown, amongst them many Nobel Prize Laureates in the fields of Science, Literature and Economics. They shared with a distinguished audience their visions and personal experiences with creativity.

The symposia were held in beautiful environments and relaxing settings allowing for formal and informal encounters and fostering many an interesting joint venture and new friendships.

Nota bene
The 21th edition was planned for January 2009 at the Hotel Taj Mahal in Mumbai/India. It had to be cancelled following the November 2008 terrorist attacks on the hotel as well as other locations in Mumbai that killed 164 and wounded 308 people.