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Original composition, lyrics, vocals
Gottlieb GUNTERN

Producer / Distribution
CREANDO - International Foundation for Creativity & Leadership

Personal dedication on request.

Authentic creative achievments please our senses and stimulate our mind.

A creative product meets four criteria:
• it is unique
• it is beautiful
• it functions, that is, it  meets the purposes for which it
  has been produced.
• it generates values for society

sun trail combines ideas and extraordinary  talents from various cultures into a remarkable unity. Lyrics and music are equivalent partners.

sun trail is a metaphor for the exchange of knowledge and competence, and mutual inspiration.



• The Kind of Girl That Inspires
• Big Snow Flakes
• I’m the Walking Rain
• The Real Blueness of Blue
• Sometimes You Win
• A Face Like an Unkempt Bed
• Da Zia Teresa
• Boots to Boot
• Miss Butterfly

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