Gottlieb GUNTERN, Switzerland
psychiatrist, systems scientist, creativity researcher
songwriter (cantautore)


Born in Biel/Grafschaft / Valais, Switzerland


1953 - 1961
Colleges Spiritus Sanctus, Brig/Valais, Switzerland


1961 - 1969 
Medical studies at the Universities of Basel, Zurich, Geneva and Paris
• M.D. (Medical Doctor) Swiss Federal Board of Medical Studies
• American E.C.F.M.G.


Married visual artist Greta GUNTERN-GALLATI


1971 - 1976
Post-graduate training and teaching in Psychiatry
in Bern, Lausanne and  Philadelphia/Pa. (USA)


1976 - 1978
Research Grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)
Child Guidance Clinic, University of Philadelphia/Pa.:
• Scientific Research in Systems Science & Systems Therapy
• Teaching in Systems Science & Systems Therapy


1978 - 1989
Medical Director of a pilot center and treatment facility for in-patients and out-patients in Brig, Valais /Switzerland, a facility whose foundation was based upon his concepts


1979 - to the present
today  Director of the CREANDO-International Foundation for Creativity & Leadership, founded 1979 by GG and his wife GGG


2003 - to the present
Chairman of the International CREANDO Symposia on
Creative Leadership in Economics, Arts & Science


Scientific Research - Teaching - Advisory Activities

• Systems research: structures, functions and therapeutic interventions
  in human systems

• Post-graduate teaching programs for Systems Therapists

• Lectures at universities and other teaching facilities

• Systems research on the nature and the basic mechanisms
  of creativity & leadership

• Special adviser for board members and top executives of
  multinational corporations and governments to further
  creative leadership in their teams



• 20 topic books
• 2 novels


Songwriter - Cantautore


• sun trail
  world music, lyrics in English

• silk road
  world music, lyrics in English

• Walliser Balladen 1
  Rock and R&B
  lyrics in native German dialect of Upper-Valais/Switzerland