Phase II


© Greta Guntern-Gallati, 1977


Syngenetics = fields of force; fields of energy; fields of dynamic relationships
Syngenetics is a term coined by Gottlieb Guntern in the course of his scientific
research. It is derived from ancient Greek:
syn = together, with one another
gignomai = to become, grow, develop
• syngenetic = that which has become, grown, evolved through interaction

Basic structure of the syngenetic program
© Gottlieb GUNTERN


Syngenetics - Drawings
The syngenetic drawings embody what quantum theory refers to as a bootstrap mechanism. They consist of countless lines that pull each other into perpetually transforming structures, ephemeral constellations, swinging webs.


Free-hand drawings with Parker ball pen; felt pen; India ink; watercolor; oil pastels

Group Experiment - Mixed-media show
Participants: students and teachers of Wissahickon High School in Philadelphia/Pa, GottliebGUNTERN video film plus slides: 4 big screens across which waves of ever-changing pictures flow; a video film on the video beamer in the center


Phase II – Syngenetics USA

The discovery of a holistic approach to life, thanks to the findings of modern systems science, brings a sea change in my life and work. Phase II is described in great detail because it plays such a central part in my artistic development. It gives birth to the basic concepts and forms of visual expression for all artworks to come. Phase II begins with a leap into a new world, the USA.


• Two Years in the USA (Notes from the diary)
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• The Story of Cruising Charlie (Notes from the diary)
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• Summer 1977: On the way to New Mexico (Notes from the diary)
• On the Happy Hunting Grounds (Notes from the diary)
• Theory 3 - The Meta-Principle of Strategic Advantage (Gottlieb GUNTERN)
• Autum 1977: Farewell to New Mexico and journeys to new worlds (Notes from the diary)
• Back in Philadelphia (Notes from the diary)
• Spring 1978: A visit to Milton H. Erickson, master of medical hypnosis (Notes from the diary)
• The multimedia show – an art experiment (Notes from the diary)
• Summer 1978: In Mill Valley, California (Notes from the diary)
• Autumn 1978: Back to Switzerland, California – a dream within a dream (Notes from the diary)