Phase V



Biographical notes

The Arctic Nights have left a deep impact on me. Henceforth, the new drawing technique pushes and pulls me forward, opening new vistas for further pictorial developments.

This is a midlife period, full of challenges with the usual ups and downs.

Sometimes you win,
sometimes you lose,
and often you don’t know which is which.

My craving for working full-time in my atelier is often frustrated by the many obligations within our CREANDO Foundation that absorb much more of my time than expected. Yet despite all this, my artwork keeps steadily growing and producing new buds. It continues to mature in all tranquillity.

International Symposia
Contributing to this inconspicuous development are our annual International CREANDO Symposia on Creativity & Leadership. As the program director, I am very fortunate to get acquainted with our speakers and, as far as possible, also with their work. A number of them are Nobel laureates in science and literature and all are fascinating personalities. Together with the international audience the world of creativity is coming to us. The speakers  are great role models who inspire and motivate me to proceed on the trail of my personal creative explorations. All of them seem to sing the same song: diligence, brief moments of success and exhilaration, stress, failure, frustration, crisis, recharging one's batteries and endlessly ploughing ahead while putting in perspective applause and success.