Visual artist


Born and reared in Glarus-Nord (formerly Näfels) in the eastern part of central Switzerland, the third of four siblings.


1960 - 1963
• Study of the French language and Business Diploma
  (Diplôme d'études commerciales)


Cours de Culture Française, Sorbonne


1964 - 1967
University of Cambridge:
• Certificate of Proficiency in English
• Diploma of English Studies


1967 - 1969
• Secretary to the Director of the Burghölzli University Psychiatric Clinic
  (Prof. Dr. Manfred Bleuler)


1969 - 1972
• Diploma in Ergotherapy (art therapy)


Biel/Grafschaft/VS, Switzerland
• Married Gottlieb GUNTERN


1972 - 1973
• Ergotherapist in a psychiatric day clinic


1974 - 1976
• Beginning of creative development as a visual artist (drawing,
  painting, photography)
• Member of the SPSAS – Swiss Association of Painters, Sculptors and
  Architects (GSMBA – Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Maler,
  Bildhauer und Architekten) 
• Various group exhibitions with members of the  SPSAS
• 1975 Individual exhibition at the Zurbriggen Gallery,
  Saas-Fee/VS, Switzerland
• 1976 Individual exhibition at the Claudine Planque Gallery, Lausanne

Gottlieb & Greta GUNTERN = Co-operation GG & GGG

Sottens/ VD Switzerland
Co-operation GG & GGG


• 1972, TAGTRAUM
Group experiment on the topic Creativity and Dynamic Group Processes

H.R. Giger, Walter Wegmüller, Claude Sandoz


Kunsthaus Chur, Switzerland / Kunsthaus Zurich, Switzerland
H.R. Giger Museum, Gruyère / Switzerland:
Permanent exhibition of large format works and film of experiment


Group experiment:  Creativity and Dynamic Group Processes

Kurt von Ballmoos, Greta Guntern-Gallati, Mario Masini, Francine Simonin

Exhibitions - Gruppen und Kreativität (Groups and Creativity) :
Musée des Arts Décoratifs de la Ville de Lausanne/Switzerland
Gallery Gérard Schreiner, Basel/Switzerland

Hansbeat Stricker

Henriette Grindat


1976 - 1978
(Philadelphia/Pa, New York, California, New Mexico)

• Development of a new visual form of expression (Syngenetics)
• Multimedia Project THE WORLD A SWINGING WEB together with an Art
  and Video Communications class at Wissahikon High School
  in Philadelphia/Pa
• Presentation of THE WORLD A SWINGING WEB at the Film/Video
  Center of The Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia/Pa
• Presentation of THE WORLD A SWINGING WEB at Columbus
  University, Ohio


GG & GGG Co-operation
• Preparation of the concepts and strategies for establishing a medical
  pilot project in Switzerland



GG & GGG Co-operation
• Establishment and organization of an integrated psychiatric center for
  in-patient and out-patient systems therapy
• Concept and establishment of a video studio for the recording
  of therapeutic sessions



GG & GGG Co-operation
• Founding and establishment of CREANDO – International Foundation for
  Creativity & Leadership


Cave of Yearning


1980 - 1988

• 1981 Individual exhibition Rencontre avec... Musée Cantonal
  des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne/Switzerland
• 1984 Three generations of the Gallati family on exhibit
  (Ludwig Gallati, Greta Guntern-Gallati, René and Thomas Gallati)
  SGU Näfels/Glarus-Nord, Switzerland
• 1986/87 Individual exhibition at Kunsthaus zur Linde,
  Naters/VS Switzerland

GG & GGG Co-operation• 4 bi-annual, international, transdisciplinary Symposia on the topics:
Systems Therapy - General Systems Theory – Self-organization in living and non-living systems - Neurobiology and Culture-Anthropology in a altered states of consciousness


1990 - 2002
GG & GGG Co-operation
• 12 annual International Zermatt Symposia on
  Creative Leadership in Economics, Art & Science


Interlaken/Switzerland - Grand Hotel & Spa, Viktoria-Jungfrau

GG & GGG Co-operation
• 17th International CREANDO Symposium:
  Creative Leadership in Economics, Art and Science

2004 - to the present
• Organization and establishment of an Internet Art Gallery for GGG’s
  creative work
• Virtual exhibition in the Internet Art Gallery
• Individual exhibition in Zermatt, Bellwald, Oberwald/Switzerland


GG & GGG Co-operation
• Continued new and extended activities in the context of the
  CREANDO Foundation

Beijing Agricultural University


Beijing Agricultural University


Beijing Agricultural University


Art & Science

GG & GGG co-operation

with Prof. CHEN Zhangliang, Dean of the Beijing Agricultural University; one of China’s most prominent scientists; today, Vice-Governor of Guangxi, Guangxi People's Government:
Joint lecture at Beijing Agricultural University


2006 - 2007

Pfaeffikon/SZ, Switzerland at the Seedamm Plaza Hotel

GG & GGG Co-operation
• 18th, 19th and 20th International CREANDO Symposia:
  Creative Leadership in Economics, Art & Science

• at both symposia: exhibition of works by GGG


2007 - to the present

GG & GGG Co-operation
• Photo safaris in the Swiss Alps


2008 - 2009

GG & GGG Co-operation
• Organization of the 20th International CREANDO Symposium:
  Creative Leadership in Economics, Art and Science

This Symposium was to take place in February 2009 at the Hotel Taj Mahal in Mumbai / India. At the end of November 2008 a Pakistani terrorist attack destroyed a large part of the hotel – and with it, our plans for this Symposium and future Symposia at the Hotel.


Restructuring of the CREANDO Foundation


Art projects
Digigraphy (digital photography)

GGG shooting a pine tree: Verzasca Valley, Aletsch Glacier territory


• DIGNITY (Dharavi Slum in Mumbai/India) with portfolio
• ARVENGESANG  (Zermatt, Aletsch territory, Turtmanntal,
  Val d’Anniviers / Switzerland)
• WASSERGESANG (Wallis, Verzascata/Ticino / Switzerland)
• KÖNIGIN DER ALPEN (champion combat cows in Valais / Switzerland)
• Twelve-months calendar 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
• Art/greeting cards


Kaspar Fleischmann, founder of the Galerie Zur Stockeregg in Zurich , one of the leading photo art galleries in the world, suggested denoting the entire field of digital photography as Digigraphy to distinguish it from the analogical photography.

As from July 2010: Edwynn Houk Gallery at Stockeregg / Zurich)