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7th International CREANDO Symposium on Creativity in Economics, Arts and Science
Zermatt / Valais, Switzerland, 1993

Chaos and Creativity

Chairman: Gottlieb GUNTERN


experimental physicist, Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1986Germany

theoretical physicist, pioneer in Chaos Theory, discoverer of the Feigenbaum constant, Wolf Prize, USA

Abdullah IBRAHIM
jazz composer, band leader, pianist, South Africa

mathematician, father of Fractal Geometry, Wolf Prize, France/USA

physician, leading expert in esthetical surgery, Brasilia

Lothar SPÄTH
former minister-president Baden-Württemberg, host of TV Talk Show, Germany

Interesting questions:

Mitchell FEIGENBAUM: how does a slowly functioning pocket calculator influence the discovery of natural law by a chaos researcher?

Benoit MANDELBROT: Why are stockbrokers deceived by market trends generated on a screen by the founder of fractal geometry?

Lothar SPÄTH: Why does a politician and CEO envy artists who are permitted to love chaos? What chances for actions do result thereof?

Abdullah IBRAHIM: Why does the south-African jazz pianist believe, that there are no mistakes made in music and that a wrong note is the right one?

Ivo PITANGUY: How does a Brazilian esthetic surgeon succeed in re-equilibrating a structure out of balance?

Gerd BINNIG: What kind of insights into the physical interactions has a physician and Nobel laureate gained while he was relaxing on a couch in California gazing at the ceiling?

Six personalities from economics, arts and science offer us an insight into the turbulences and modes of operation of chaos and its creative powers.


In his introduction Gottlieb GUNTERN offers us a glance at the history and today's state of chaos research und explains basic terms and concepts.
The speakers report the experiences they made with chaos and its impact on creative achievements. Today we live in a world of non-linear developments and unpredictable events. The present book offers us precious input for the generation of creative coping strategies.

Downloads in German
• Die Faszination des Chaos
• Zum Stand der zeitgenössischen Chaostheorie
• Transskalare Selbstähnlichkeit
• Deterministisches Chaos, fraktale Strukturen und menschliche Kreativität
• Schlußfolgerungen


Rigorous Chaos
Gottlieb GUNTERN, editor and co-author

Scalo Verlag, Zürich,
ISBN: 3-931141-10-1
16 x 23,5 cm
355 pages