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The Masked Dance of Mediocracy

Hardly a word is bandied about more today than “creativity”. And yet mediocrity dominates politics, business and culture.

High quality is the repudiation of mediocrity, and as such is resolutely opposed in our society. The well-known creativity researcher Gottlieb Gunternanalyses the causes for this and coins the term “mediocracy” for the people responsible for this mediocrity and for the system they perpetuate. A fundamental study, his book is at the same time an ardent appeal for a comprehensively creative approach to life, leaving mass culture behind.

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Kreative Leadership versus Mittelmass
Gottlieb GUNTERN
Leadership-Trilogy: Book 1

Orell Füssli Verlag, Zürich
ISBN: 3-280-02648-2
14 x 22 cm
250 pages