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With the Wings of an Eagle

Creative leadership is a process of reciprocal inspiration and motivation. This process generates achievements that are unique, functionally adequate, beautiful and valuable to society.

In With the Wings of an Eagle, the third volume of his trilogy, GUNTERN offers concrete suggestions for practical innovations capable of giving new momentum to a society paralysed by crises. He shows us a way out of a society of greed and group pressure and into a culture of inspiration, creativity and wisdom.

Creative leadership sensitises the antennae of perception to signals from the internal and external world, and balances analytic-rational, detail-oriented knowledge with intuitive pattern recognition. That is how we can overcome self-alienation and generate a solid identity. Creative leadership and traditional management are like the two wings of an eagle: only if both of them work properly can our strategies lead to the fulfilment of vitally relevant, meaningful goals.

Mit den Schwingen des Adlers

Wege zur kreativen Leadership
Gottlieb GUNTERN
Leadership-Trilogy: Book 3

Orell Füssli Verlag, Zürich, 2003
ISBN: 3-280-05052-9
14 x 22 cm
230 pages


out of print